It was a Wednesday, I was sitting in my car, in front of my apartment with tears falling down my face. I looked at the building where I resided wondering how much longer it would be before I walked into an eviction note on my door. I was a full-time student, and was working full-time hours but, I was working as a volunteer for AmeriCorps and anyone who has lived on an AmeriCorps stipend knows that it is clearly your passion to create change in the world that fuels you because after you fuel up your car, and pay some of your bills, the penny pinching begins. This is no exaggeration, as an AmeriCorps volunteer living on a stipend and working full time, I still qualified for federal assistance…

While I was crying, my mother called. She instantly knew something was wrong and inquired about the cause of my saddened voice. I began to share with her that I had calculated all of my expected expenses and income for the coming months and that from my calculations, by April I would run out of money and be evicted; it was October. I cried even more as I explained my frustration with being in this place in life. After all, I was walking in what I felt called to do. Whether through school, through work, or other endeavors I was putting myself in positions to learn all that I could, in order to effectively empower people to grow into become their best selves and, equipping them with the resources necessary to do so.  I could not understand how pursuing something that made me feel so fulfilled left me so financially deprived. It was then that she spoke so much life to me. She explained to me, “What you feel called to do, your purpose comes with a cost.” She went on to encourage me to have faith that every thing would be okay and to remember the God that we served. I went into my apartment and went to sleep. At 2:00 am, I woke up with enthusiasm ready to read my bible, and ready to fight through whatever was necessary to answer the call on my life. It was that night that I wrote one of my favorite posted blogs, “Cranes”. I finished the blog, said a prayer and went back to sleep.

The next day, I had a meeting. It was a meeting that I coordinated for my current supervisor (Ty), at the time, and the program manager (Natalie) at my former AmeriCorps placement from the year prior. I wanted to present to them the opportunities that I saw for both organizations to leverage their resources and help fill in the gaps for each other through collaboration in order to expand the impact of their services. During the meeting, Ty asked Natalie if she had any open positions at her organization. He expressed that he really like me but, thought that I was overqualified for the position that I was in and he believed I deserved a job with more responsibilities and a higher pay. Natalie replied, “Yes! We are; I’ve been interviewing people for a position for college advisor and have not been too excited about the candidates. I love Brittany and the work that she does, if she interviews, she’s hired.” The two went on to discuss the position and the salary and set up an interview time for me. I literally sat there and had no say in the conversation. I could not find the words, neither of them knew what my night was like the night before. Neither of them knew the concerns that boggled my mind and the calculations of my expenses to led me to believe that there was no hope. But, God knew.

The following day, I had my interview and by the end of that day, I was offered the position. It was all very surreal to me. Within three days, I went from crying in my car due to final stress, to being offered a position that would still allow me to do the work that I felt most passionate about, while paying me more than double of what I had been making. And, I had nothing to do with it happening.

I have been with my organization for eight months now, and so much has happened during that timeframe. I share this experience not to boast but, to encourage. This is one of the many times that God has shown me that he has my best interest at heart. Life may seemingly place us in desperate situations but, in God we have hope. There will be days of uncertainty, eyes filled with tears and restless nights. One thing I know for sure is “I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” Psalms 37:25. Now matter what circumstances may look like, no matter what your calculations show, know that God knows exactly what you need. He will provide.

Mingo ♥

3 thoughts on “God Provides

  1. Yes, I absolutely love this. God will always make a way out of know way even when it seems impossible. I am literally over here in tears because God is so good. Words cannot even describe how He shows His love for us. Congratulations, on your new journey. Pray that Lord continues to bless you.


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